Oregon Chapters
Abbey Road                
Abbey Road, London, was made famous by the Beatles. 
It was the name of one of their most popular albums and
was the street they used for the cover of their album.  
Meetings: 3rd Monday at 11:30am
St. Helens, Oregon
Black Watch
Named for the famous Scottish
Black Watch tartan and military regiment.
Meetings: Third Wednesday at 7:00pm
Milwaukee, Gladstone, Oregon City, Portland
Emily Carr     
Emily Carr (1871 - 1945) is known as "British Columbia's
foremost artist" and "Canada's foremost Woman Painter". 
Her work is bold, imaginative and exciting, but she struggled
for many years to gain acceptance.  Emily was also a writer. 
Her book "Klee Wyck" earned the Canadian Governor General's
Award. We honor her for her talent and creativity but also for
her perseverance.
Meetings: 4th Tuesday at 11:30am
Lake Oswego, West Linn

Robin Hood   
Robin Hood was an English outlaw, who lived in Sherwood
Forest, Nottinghamshire, some time in the 12th century.  He
and his merry men robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. 
He was much admired for this by the English people, also for
his chivalry, his physical skill, and his defiance of unjust law.
Meetings: 3rd Tuesday at 2:00pm
Beaverton, Aloha, Forest Grove
Sherlock Holmes   
 Sherlock Holmes, the most famous of all fictional detectives,
was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. 
Holmes and his friend, Dr. Watson, resided at 221B Baker
Street, London.  Holmes' brilliant analytical faculties enabled
him to solve cases with ease, but his inveterate enemy, the
malevolent Professor Moriarty, gave him his greatest
battle of wits for many years.

Meetings: 1st Thursday at 12:30pm
Beaverton, Tigard, SW Portland
Tudor Rose            
The Tudor Rose became the emblem of the house of Tudor
when, in 1485, after the long War of the Roses, Henry Tudor
won the throne of England and united the red rose of Lancaster
with the white rose of York by destroying his enemies and
marrying Elizabeth of York. 

Meetings: 1st Tuesday at 11:30am
Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, SW Portland

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